This Little Boy Steps in Dog Poo, His Reaction is Epic!

Everyone feels this way when they step in dog poo. This little boy was walking around without a care in the world when suddenly that horrifying squish sound lets us know that we’re about to have a bad time. Dog poop is the worst, and there’s no shame in crying about it. If anything, this adorable little boy’s meltdown is the perfect reaction to such an unfortunate event. It’s also pretty funny.

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  1. Hey Mike, my point is that at the architecture level you don’t reason at all about that service, then one listening at port 80. In fact, if we had an implementation of the architecture that didn’t involve a process listening at that port, we wouldn’t notice and our applications would still be architected in the same way. The building blocks for applications in REST are resources while in Service-Orientation are services.

  2. Posted on Haha, Sarah, you’re hilarious and I love it! Honestly, it doesn’t even matetr that they leave my name out when all the cool kids on the internet mention me! We know who has more street cred!XOXOFelicia

  3. maiden:some excellent observations.The animal thug points his finger. Implied threat- wholesale random slaughter. kill 'em all Just like the laws of physics, this elicits the gut (animal)response of JQ Commuter-kill 'em all wholesale random slaughter.There's your connection.JWM

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