South African Pastor Sprays Congregation With Insecticide To Heal Them – See Photos

A fake prophet from South Africa has caused a stir after using Doom insect killer to “exorcise demons” from his congregants.

The false prophet by the name Prophet Lethebo recently used multi-insect killer spray, Doom, at a supposed night prayer in Mookgopong.

“Doom is just a name but when you speak to it to become a healing product, it does,” read a Facebook post on the congregation’s page Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA).

The pictures that have gone viral have brought back memories of other so called ‘men of God’ that make their gullible congregants eat grass, snakes and do crazy stuff in the name of worship.

See photos below;

Shock After Pastor Sprays Congregation With Doom (Insecticide) To Heal Them (Photos)
Shock After Pastor Sprays Congregation With Doom (Insecticide) To Heal Them (Photos)
Shock After Pastor Sprays Congregation With Doom (Insecticide) To Heal Them (Photos)
Shock After Pastor Sprays Congregation With Doom (Insecticide) To Heal Them (Photos)

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