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8 Annoying Types Of People On Everybody’s WhatsApp Contacts

We all love WhatsApp. It makes communication easier and we spend less talking about all the things we want to talk about.

Here are annoying people on all of our WhatsApp contacts.

1. That Person Who Uses WhatsApp Like An Alien

These people show their last seen and it’s always a minimum of three months ago. You have to call them if you need them. Never available to chat.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest


2. That Person Who Is Online But Never Replies Your Message

These people ‘blue-tick’ like nobody’s business and they don’t even care.

so-what-is-my-own-business meme


3. The Morning Devotion Person

These ones will send you a devotional every single morning. No ‘Good Morning’, no ‘How are you?’, just dump and go.

goodbye meme


4. The ‘Eiii Who’s That On Your DP?’ People

Like if I wanted to tell you, I’d have sent you a direct message saying ‘Hey! I need permission to use someone as my DP.

Image: giphy.com

Image: giphy.com


5. The WhatsApp Monitor

These people will tell you all your statuses in the last month to the minute and will even recall the DPs you used. Even the one that was there for literally one minute.

Image: UnimelBadAdventures

Image: UnimelBadAdventures


6. The Guy Who Only Pops Up When There’s A ‘Fresh’ Girl On Your DP

It’s either ‘Hey! Your girl that?’ for guys or ‘Who’s that beautiful friend of yours? Can I get her contact?’ for ladies.

Photo: ReplyGIF.net

Photo: ReplyGIF.net


7. That Silent Person In A Group Chat Who Only Comes To Respond To Birthday Wishes

Like leave the group already. Ughh!



8. The Ghost Contact

You probably know this person or maybe you don’t. They just pop up with the usual ‘hey’ or ‘hi’ and then hit you with: “Do you know who I am?” and “Ow guess la!”. So creepy and annoying.

Image: giphy.com

Image: giphy.com

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