Top 10 Most Beautiful Romanian Women in the World – See Photos!

Beauty has its own definition for every individual. In this world of about 7.4 billion people, everybody is their own kind of beautiful. Beauty can never be put into words or can have a standard definition. But often, women with lighter skin tones, sharp features, shiny hair, great body and good height are considered beautiful and sexy. In the list Top 10 Most Beautiful and Sexiest Romanian Women in the World, Romanian women always get a mentioned. They are extremely beautiful with brown eyes and hair, with great bodies leaving men spell bound with it.


10 Ramona Tibrin

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Sexiest Romanian Women in the World--ramona-tibrin
Ramona Tibrin–Photo via Model Mayhem

To start the list we have a Romanian actress, Ramona Tibrin. Born on 31st 1988 in Bucharest, Romania, she always wanted to be an actress. She got inspired by her mother, who worked for “Teatrul Ion Creanga”, biggest theatre of the country. She used to take part in all the school plays and have been part of many national and municipal writing competitions.

At the young age of 16, she won many beauty contests and was signed by a modeling agency in Bucharest and stared her international career. In 2006, she won Miss Litoral, an important beauty pageant of Romania. Along with the win came, many music videos, international commercials and guest appearance in TV shows. She was seen in a film called What War May Bring and will be seen in The Masterpiece in the year 2017. Ramona is 5’7 ¾” in height, with brown hair and green eyes. She is super sexy and extremely talented and can speak languages like Romanian, Turkish, French, English, Spanish and Italian.

9 Ana Caterina Morariu

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Sexiest Romanian Women in the World-Ana Caterina Morariu
Ana Caterina Morariu–PHoto via Alchetron

The next on the list we have an Italian actress born in Romania. Born on 20th November, 1980, in Cluj-Napoca, this 35yrs old actress is extremely beautiful. Her mother is ballet dancer, Marineta Rodica Rotaru. They moved to Italy when Ana was very young and continued to live there.

She graduated in the year 2002 and started her acting career the same year on stage. She got recognition as an actress in the year 2004, due to a series of roles she had in numerous TV Movies and Television series. In 2005, she appeared in Les Rois maudits, a French miniseries as Marie Cressay. With her active career in television, on stage, films, she was nominated in David di Donatello for “best actress” genre for the film Carlo Verdone’s II mio miglior nemico. She has also acted in films like Ocean’s Twelve and La buona battaglia- Don Pietro Pappagallo.

8 Maria Dinulescu

Maria Dinulescu —Photo via cele-mai.com

Maria Dinulescu was born on 2nd May, 1981 in Ploiesti, Romania. She is an actress and has studied acting from National University of Cinema and Drama in the capital Bucharest.

She got recognition for her role in “Traffic”, a short film and won Palme d’Or in the Cannes in 2003. She again came to Cannes for her lead role in “California Dreamin” and won the “Un Certain Regard” category. Her role also won her awards like Arte Mare from France and Best Actress Prize at BIAF Georgia. Her role in Hooked was described as bewitching and bubbly and won her Best actress award at Buenos Aires Film Festival and Thessaloniki Film Festival. She studied in UCLA, Groundlings Theatre and School. There she was a part of various workshops and laboratory with known actors, teachers and directors. Her role in “Stepping Out” won her best actress at the Los Angeles Indie Film Fest in the year 2014. She speaks languages like Italian, Romanian and English.

7 Madalina Ghenea

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Sexiest Romanian Women in the World--madalina-ghenea-1
Madalina Ghenea Photo via streeetchypants.com

Madalina Diana Ghenea is a showgirl, model and actress from Romania. Born on 8th August, 1987 in Slatina, she currently lives in Milan, Italy.

She started career as a model at an age of 15 for a designer in Italy. She participated in shows in Italy, Romania, Germany, Austria, Japan, France, South Africa and Spain. She advertised for brands like New Yorker, Quelle and Peroni. She got media attention in Romania for playing the girlfriend of singer in the video “II tempo tra di noi”. Madalina made her acting debut with the film I soliti idioti in Italian. She played the role of a Miss Universe in the film Youth by Paolo Sorrentino. The actress fluently speaks English, Romanian and Italian. She has also been into charity and donated money was Maternity section renovation in main hospital in Slatina. She has also featured in a video “Turn up the Radio” by Madonna in the year 2012.

6 Lulia Vantur

Photo via w.marieclaire.ro

The next Romanian beauty on the list is Lulia Vantur. She is an actor, model and television presenter and is known for co-presenting the longest running show, “Dancing” from Romania along with Stefan Banica Jr. She was a news presenter for PRO TV and presented news in weekends and prime time. She has also won awards for the television work and award for live broadcasts.

She made her acting debut with brothel Lautrec song in Metropolis theatre, under the direction of Horatiu. She was born on 24th July, 1980 in Lasi, Romania and used to play sports like basketball and volleyball. She started her modeling career at an early age of 15 and became fashion instructor at the age of 17. She was awarded as the “Best Mannequin model” at a national fashion festival. She has worked in movies like Bunraku along with actors like Demi Moore, Woody Harelson, John Hartnet and Marcel Lures. She has also appeared in a song in Indian film O Teri with actors Sarah Jane Dias and Pulkit Samrat.

5 Laura Cosoi

Laura Cosoi-Photo via listal

Laura Ana Cosoi was born on 2nd January 1982 in Lasi, Romania. She is a model and actress and debuted in acting with her role as “Adina” in La Bloc, a television series on the PRO TV. She played a naïve and simple blonde girl. She is also known by the name of Ana and she is about 5’7” tall.

She considered as extremely beautiful and has sexy legs. She has worked in movies like What means Montley, HO HO Ho, The Godmother, Cel Ales, Cheia and series like Fete cu lipici, Aniela, theatre shows like Hamle and Decat Arta and videos like Keo, Smiley, Hurts and Grimus. She also participated is dance reality show in Mexico, “Dancing for a Dream: Second Dance World Championship” representing Romania along with Bogdan Boantá. The duo finished 6th in the competition.

4 Antonia

photo via usseek.com

Antonia Clara Lacobescu was born on 12th April, 1989 in Bucharest. She is a model, performer and singer of Romanian origin. She is commonly known by the name Antonia. She has been living in Utah and Las Vegas since the age of 5. She got into the world of modeling as soon as she finished her high school and worked with agencies like Ford Models and Lenz.

She moved back to Romania at the age of 18 and met producer Tom Boxer, with whom she launched her first album “Roses on Fire” as singer. The song was a hit and was broadcasted on televisions and radios in Poland and Netherland. After a few singles, her first album came out in the year 2015 with 12 songs with the name “This is Antonia”.

3 Alina Puscau


Alina Puscau is an actress, model and singer from Romania. She was born on 17th November, 1981 in Bucharest.

She started her modeling career after she won Elite Model look in 1998. She is known for modeling for brands like GAP, Victoria’s Secret, Pepe Jeans and JCPenney. She has been on the cover page of Playboy magazine and debuted in singing with the song “When You Leave”, English cover of “Dragostea din tei”. She is 5’9 ½” tall with brown hair and green eyes. Her projects are managed by One Management, modeling company.

2 Catrinel Menghia

Photo via ImagoZone
Photo via ImagoZone

Catrinel Menghia also known as Catrinel Marlon was born on 1st October, 1985 in Lasi. She is a top Romanian model and is known for being featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and for being the face of the brand Giorgio Armani and Purveyor Lise Charmel, a French lingerie brand.

She started her modeling career at an age of 16 with participating in Ford’s “Supermodel of Romania” and finished 3rd in the competition. In 2002, she also got the award for Romania’s Model of the Year. She made her television debut at the age of 17 with Krypton, a Romanian band. Her projects are managed by Next Model agency and have appeared in FHM, Fitness and Maxim.

1 Monica Birladeanu



Monica Elena Birladeanu or Monica Dean, as known professionally was born on 12th December, 1978 in Lisa. She is a model and actress from Romania.

She started her career as a television host and gained a lot of popularity in it. She played the role of a nurse in The Death of Mr. Lazarrescu in 2005, an award winning film. She has also appeared in American series Lost and horror film Incubus. In 2002, she named as the most beautiful Romanian by Beau Monde and “The Sexist TV Star” according to TV Mania. Later she received many awards like “The most beautiful Romanian Woman”, “Sexiest Woman” and “The Sexiest TV Celebrity”.


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