7 Women You Won’t Believe Actually Exist



Julia Gnuse, the “Walking Picture”
When Julia, born in 1959, realized at thirty five that she had developed porphyria, one of her friends suggested to cover all her body with tattoos in order to hide the imperfections. Now, she has the 95% of her skin decorate with jungle drawings, famous characters, cartoons and more… they costed $80.000!

Porphyria is a genetic disease; royal members like King George III and Mary Stuart had it. The only medicine you can use to fight this will make you progressively blind.

Julia Gnuse also had appeared in Aerosmith’s music video for their song “Pink”. Don’t you think is a creative way to cope with a disease?



Her life changed when scientists of Cambridge discovered her unique genetic mutation: her legs grow and grow non stop; now, doctors have found a useful treatment after analysing her DNA.She has to cope with this condition since she was born; her legs were bigger than the her upper body. Nobody at that time was sure if she would survive. At 28 she suffered a deep vein thrombosis. Three years later, a blood infection. Her left leg had to be amputated in 2010.Every single day was a nightmare for her and her family.Despite this desperate situation, now she have created a supporting web for “Segmental Overgrowth & PIK3CA gene mutation”. She also appears in the media explaining her case and looks life with an optimistic mood.


Born in 22 December 1993, Jyoti’s the world smallest woman by Guinness World Record, 7cm shorter than previous title holder, American Bridgette Jordan. Her height is due to growth anormally called achondroplasia.She has appeared in some different series and documentaries like Body Shock, Big Boss 6 and American Horror History: Freak Show. You can also search her Facebook page for more information and actualizations about her work as an actress and director.



Come and see a real Rapunzel! Asha was born in the twin Island of Trinidad and Tobago, but she migrated early to USA. She starting growing her locks while she was working as a nanny for an American family. Now she has a Guinness World Record! Asha deeply believes that a long hair is the best energy conductor, so it has a spiritual purpose: the Kundalini’s ascension. She’s married and writes a blog about her gorgeous black hair. Can you guess how much money does she spend on shampoo or conditioner?



Abigail and Brittany are dicephalic parapagus twins. They are conjoined and share the same body but have different heads. Yes, this is amazing but what is also amazing is that even though they share the same body they do not share all the same organs. They each have a stomach, heart, spine and spinal cord. They must count on each other to function as one twin creates all function from the left and the other from the right side. Another amazing fact is they are also individual when it comes to activities such as eating and writing.



Women from the small tribes in Burma are famous for their use of copper coils that help them extend their neck to abnormal lengths. They are so famous that people from all over the world visit these women making tourism their #1 source of income.



Elaine Davidson holds the Guinness World Record as the woman with the most piercings. The last time her piercings were tallied, Davidson had more than 9,000 of them all over her and inside her body in places you can’t see and shouldn’t wonder about when it comes to a human being. Davidson was born in Brazil, but lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, which is a combination you don’t see that much, right? This is taking body modification to a whole ‘nother level. Davidson own a shop that offers…yep, you guessed it, piercing, as well as tattoos, hair braids, homemade jewelry and Aromatherapy. Despite her appearance, Davidson lives clean, doesn’t smoke, use drugs or engage in any illegal activity.

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