Popular NYC Exotic Dancer Claims She is Pregnant By Trey Songz, Blasts him for Ignoring Her!


Genesis Cortes is Trey Songz baby mama.  The New York stripper claims she is at least.  A fake Facebook page was created spreading this rumor.  Genesis dances at Starlet’s Gentlemen’s Club located in Woodside, New York.  A few months ago, Trey was spotted out on dates with Khloe Kardashian.


Genesis allegedly wrote on a Facebook post dated December 12:

“I really don’t have to explain myself to anyone, but people talk so much without knowing a damn thing. I ain’t Tremaine’s girl, I ain’t bragging because I kicked it with Tremaine or that we did what we did. Deadass met the man at my job at starlets and the rest is history. Now, I’m pregnant by this guy and he could care less. He’s working on his album and don’t need extra bullshit. His words exactly. I’m not hyping this situation like most bitches do when they fw a celebrity, we deadass just did what we did and kicked it while he was here and facetime text and snap each other whenever we can after he left. But ya’ll keep inboxing me and commenting rude sh*t you will be blocked. I have no time son…period. #missmewiththebullsh*t.”

A message on Snapchat that appears to be from the dancer to Trey (Tremaine) goes on to blast him for ignoring her. The stripper tells him she is having the child and that he will see she doesn’t need him.

A snapchat Genesis posted to Trey reads:
“Tremaine? Wow you dead ignoring me lmao. I hit your line and all, and crazy how you was rapping a whole different story when we was on facetime but now I’m bugging and gotta keep my mouth closed right? Be a mf man my nigga, you’ll be a father in nine months just face that shit. I really find it funny how you can dub me like this lol and even go as far as unfriending me on here now lol. All good, when I have this baby and you see I don’t need you for shit, maybe you’ll come back around. But it’s all about your image right? Working on that album like you told me right? Cool my nigga.”

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