15 Things We Hated As Kids But Love Now As Adults

Naturally, as humans, we change as we grow and the things we love and hate are not spared.


Here are 15 things you definitely hated when you were a kid but now love them as an adult.

1. Salad

As a kid how did you feel when your parents served you salad? You probably wondered what was wrong with them right? It tasted bitter and you never understood why they had to feed you with that when there are a lot of sweet foods around. However, as an adult now, you’ve realised it is the best and you actually walk to a restaurant just to order that something that as a kid you wouldn’t even take for free.

Image: Nigerian Food TV


2. Naps

Remember how your mum had to chase you around just to get you to take a nap and even at school you felt it was a torture for you to sleep. Now that you’re an adult, you feel that’s all you need and more of it. You’ll kill to stay home and just sleep.

sleep fall gif

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3. Going To Sleep Early

Then comes the moment you want to stay late to watch movies when your parents ask you to go to bed. It is always war but as an adult, you can’t even sit by the TV after 8 p.m, your eyes will betray you.

sleep glasses

Image: Pinterest


4. The News

You remember how angry you got when your dad walks to the living room at 7 p.m. and grabs hold of the remote? Yeah! we all hated it as a kid and always walked out during that period but today as an adult, your favourite channel is CNN.



5. Talk Shows

As a kid, you wondered what at all your parents gained from watching shows like “Talking Point” but today, there are more and you want to have a feel of it all. Wondering how your kids are feeling now.



6. Haircuts

As a kid, getting a haircut was like a snake dance because you kept moving from side to side giving the barber headache but today, you walk to the barber yourself.



7. Taste Of Alcohol

When at a party and one of your stubborn uncles decide to drop some alcohol on your lips, you frowned and wondered why they had to drink something this bitter but today, you buy them in bulk.

adonko bitters

Photo: Twitter


8. Talking To Girls (opposite sex)

Even when your friends teased you about a girl being your girlfriend, you report them to your parents because it felt embarrassing but now you regret not following up. Now you openly boast about your player game…pst!

Photo: JustCoco


9. Hawking

As a kid, if your parents gave you things to hawk, you hide when you see your friends and hate your parents for putting you through such torture, but today you call yourself a boss chick or hustler for hawking.

Images: Daily Trust Ng


10. Your Siblings

Your siblings were a headache back then but now that you’re an adult, they are all you need in your life.

Image: Okyeame Kwame/Facebook


12. Being Seen With Your Parents

As a kid, being seen with your parents felt like walking on nails and you always wanted to avoid that but now you pride yourself with them.



13. Sugarless Foods

If there was no sugar, you were not eating but now you’re avoiding sugar like your shadow.

14. Personal Hygiene

You always had to run around the block and be chased by your parents just to have a bath but now, you bath 3 times a day and a day without a bath feels like hell.

black woman bathing

Image: Flurtmag.com


15. Classical And Jazz Music

Back then you always used to ask yourself, is that music? But now, that’s what you always want to hear especially when you are studying or doing a project.

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